The Glass Ceiling
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- Salt flats are large flat areas, sometimes thousands of square miles. With an inch of rain, they become huge flat mirrors. This is troubling, because the standard model does not explain flat mirrors on a round earth.
- Yes, the mirror is optically flat on deep water as well as salt flats. How can this be true? They told us the Earth was round, but water is flat! But if water is flat, the earth cannot be round!
Rob Skiba
David Weiss
Judy Wood
- Sunset pictures show that the earth is not round. If the earth was a ball, the highlight from the sun would be elliptical. But the highlight is not elliptical. It goes in a straight line, all the way down to your feet. The earth cannot be round!
- NASA gives us pictures of the earth from space. But they aren't photographs. They aren't even plausible projections. They make no sense at all and they are all obviously made up.
- NASA gave us lots of pictures of the moon landings. But they are all obvious fakes. If NASA went to the moon, why didn't they take any real pictures? Why are the mission details so silly? Why are they lying to us?
- NASA broadcasts lots of interviews and images from the ISS. They even have a live feed from the ISS camera looking down on the Earth. But the pictures are all faked and the entire concept is kinda silly. Why does anyone believe that there even is an ISS?
- How can we know if a distant feature can be seen on a globe? In this chapter, we give some definitions and a very simple way of calculating the intervening earthly bulge. There is a useful table based on the square of the distance (in miles) between an object and an observer.
- In 1838, Samuel Rowbotham set out to measure the curvature of the earth on a straight six mile canal called the Bedford Level. He was able to see the boat for the entire length of the canal, so he concluded that the water is flat and the earth is flat.
- Although a famous mathematician claims that Chicago cannot be seen across Lake Michigan from fifty miles away, beachgoers in Michigan often take photographs of Chicago. If Chicago can be seen from fifty miles away, the water is flat and the Earth is flat.
- The mainstream explanation for satellites just doesn't add up. There exists only a single geostationary orbit, and the rest of the satellites whiz across the equator at least twice a day. Only magic protects them from the harshness of space, extreme temperatures, and errant asteroids.
- Azimuthal measurements to Polaris seem to imply that the Earth is round. Yet if the Earth is known to be flat, another explanation must be sought for the azimuth of Polaris. If the earth is flat, the sky must be solid. There is a firmament after all.
- This longer chapter talks about how we know the earth is stationary and what this means for science. We speculate about possible cosmologies that actually fit the known data. And we express deep humility for the great ocean of what we do not know.
- The flat earth community seems to rally around Gleason's and Azimuthal Equidistant projections. It is not difficult to prove that this map is incomplete. The evidence is strong that "they" are hiding land and we'll have to explore it for ourselves if we mean to know for sure.
- I get lots of funny arguments like "because what's underneath". I try to deal here with some pervasive and common arguments that do not actually prove that the earth is (or is not) flat.
- Why does it Matter? It is the core of everything and the most important thing of all. The flat earth is a time release red pill that will protect you from being sucked back into the disinformation void. Yes it matters!
- Here we expose a few more anomalies in the standard model. The umbra of a solar eclipse is much too small, and rockets don't have nearly enough energy to propel an object into space. BBC was heard in Hawaii, on the opposite side of the "planet".
- Modern science makes extraordinary claims. Stars are impossibly large nuclear fusion furnaces impossibly far away. Space is empty and Einstein was right about everything. Unfortunately no extraordinary evidence is provided to back up their extraordinary claims.
- If doctrinaires of scientism cannot forbid aetheric speculation, cosmology is again an open question. We observe here that inertia seems to be an entrainment of the aether independent of its absolute direction. It is also possible that gravity is not what we thought.

Spherical Triangles

On a sphere, you can drive three sides of a square and end up where you started. This is a fundamental property of spheres, independent of radius, direction and starting point. Drive one mile South, turn East, drive one mile, turn North drive a third mile and you will be home again.

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