The Glass Ceiling
Chapter 2: Water is Flat

Flat Water

Did you say the world is so big we can't see the curve? That doesn't wash. Over a 2,000 square mile mirror the calculated curvature would produce a significant lens aberration. The reflected image would be noticeably smaller than the source image.

Optical flatness is not an accident. It is the exact boundary between convex and concave. If the surface varied between convex and concave, we would see caustics, like the surface of a swimming pool.

But we don't see any of that. There is no shrinkage no curvature and no distortion.

The water is definitely flat.

But if the Earth is curved, the water must be curved.

But the water is flat.

Could this mean the Earth is not curved?

How could the Earth be flat?

We know the Earth is round, so this must be a trick of the light.

Let's prove the Earth is curved so we can put a stop to this nonsense once and for all.

Is there any other visual evidence we can gather?

I googled for some nice relaxing sunset pictures.

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