The Glass Ceiling
Chapter 17: Extraordinary Claims and Extraordinary Proof

Extraordinary Claims and Extraordinary Proof

Big science weaves tales of the unknowable as we sit rapt, open mouthed around the campfire, eager for more.

We are misled about the fundamental natures of matter and energy. We are taught to believe that everything in the universe is separate. We are subtly dissuaded from investigating the interconnectedness in the underlying aether. We are somehow conditioned to avoid the temporal components of electrical phenomena.

When our eyeglasses are suitably scratched and muddied, we are sent forth to peer upon the world. Given wildly inaccurate canons of the underlying cause of reality it is serendipitous indeed when a real discovery is made. And coming up with a plausible explanation for the observations is Nobel prize stuff.

100 years ago, before science knew everything, there was a spirited ongoing debate about the natures of matter, space, electricity, aether, time, and heaven.

At the Copenhagen Conference, a group of academicians declared that no further debate would be useful because science was now settled. Bohm was out, Bohr was in. Probability was now deterministic and Dirac was out of fashion. The aether was officially abolished and the speed of light was constant where convenient. We had relativity now, and more ways to show that celestial and sub-atomic activity were not bound by Newtonian physics.

Great creativity was needed to make a system of rules that could plausibly propagate the known universe from a vacuum. The path led to particle physics, the big bang, gravitational accretion, black holes, and dark matter.

It was all provable. Energy and Matter are different expressions of the same thing. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed so all must have existed from the beginning of time. The universe was officially closed.

We know the nature of space and time and we can draw pictures of it. We know the exact age of the universe and how it all began. We even know how big it is because we can calculate its mass. We can make computer models of dust accretion into galaxies and we know how stars are formed. After a few planetary cataclysms, a big rock called the moon was captured by gravity and just fell into a phase-locked orbit. The moon is covered with perfectly round craters because anything in space gets pummeled by asteroids. Here in the Goldilocks zone, in an improbable event, a puddle of primordial soup was impacted by a cosmic ray and became the source of all life on Earth. Amoebas learned mitosis, divided wildly into paramecia, cetaceans, lizards and suburbanites. After some dinosaurs and asteroids and ice ages, we can clearly discern all of Earth's history and we know who built the pyramids and why.

We know also that whomsoever disbelieves a single word of this is a dangerous kook.

I could go on here, but so could you. Can you name a single division in science that is entirely free of hubris? Recent developments suggest that quantum mechanics is due for a major facelift if not a complete rethink. Ceci cela. If our microatomic universe can be questioned, is it still heresy to peer at the macroscope?

As earnest monks of the scientific faith we are forbidden by our vow of poverty to accumulate the billions of dollars it takes to test a core assumption so we accept the word of designated authorities.

NASA is under the umbrella of the DOD. So, after all the strings are followed, are USGS, EPA, all of the observatories and every mainstream entertainment and news venue.

Everything related to space or terran geography comes from a single source. Circumstances always seem to align so that independent verification is impossible. It is a hard realization that _all_ of the space pictures are paste-ups.

We have seen the extraordinary claims of mainstream science. And it must be said that the proof provided is extraordinary indeed. Faked pictures, fantastic narratives, and self referencing equations. That's proof? Extraordinary!

My friends, we have been duped. In good company of course, with eight generations of scientists who endured the same indoctrination as we did. Only a select few have a "need to know". 99.9% believe or STFU. It is not easy to penetrate the fog.


The Internet boasts good information sources and poor. One of the greatest disinformation hubs seems to revolve around the axis of the flat Earth.

The Flat Earth Society is not what it claims to be. They have a website and look pretty official but they say lots of silly things designed primarily to discredit the Flat Earth movement.

Lots of videos on youtube claim to debunk the Flat earth "Theory". Few are polite. Generally they are delivered with the derisive nose-held superiority that is indoctrinated into our young intelligentsia. Many of these videos are professionally produced, revealing the hidden hand of Mammon behind the message.

There is a flat earth community. It is real. Yet when money is spent freely in the attempt to control the narrative, hidden agendas ring loudly. The truly frightening thing is that many of the trolls are on a government payroll somewhere. But why? Why would they be afraid of self evident truth?

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