The Glass Ceiling
Chapter 3: Sunsets


It didn't help.

The highlight from the sun went straight from the far horizon to my feet.

But this cannot be!

Light and shade shows the shape of an object.

If the Earth is round, the highlight in the sunset below should be oval shaped as sketched at right. The oval is wider than tall because the curvature is slightly greater over the curve than across the curve.

But that's not what we see!

The highlight from the sunset shows that the water is flat.

The horizon is also flat.

It wouldn't look like that on a ball. Not even a really big ball. It would be below your eye level and it would curve down to the sides.

The globe Earth model states explicitly that water curves to conform to the Earth. But we can see that water is flat. If water conforms to the shape of the Earth, the Earth must be flat too.

This was starting to get silly. Back to google I went, to find some pictures of the Earth. I'd be able to look at the pictures and see that the Earth is round while I tried to figure out how the water could possibly be flat.

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